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I have placed a PDF version of my most recent, and past newsletters online for your viewing or downloading pleasure. The most recent edition will be at the top of the list.

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El Deana's Custom Essentials Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1- This months issue brings you insight on how massage may enhance your workout, healthy snacking options, and facial care tips. https://peace-love.massagetherapy.com/files/CustomEssentials2_1.pdf

El Deana's Custom Essentials Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 3 - This issue is dedicated to our Veterans. You can find information on how to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder within the article, and by contacting me today. http://peace-love.massagetherapy.com/files/CustomEssentials1_3.pdf

El Deana's Custom Essentials Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 2 - An Issues with the what's and hows of sun and sunscreen. Let's keep one of our largest organs protected with info in the article.  http://peace-love.massagetherapy.com/files/CustomEssentials1_2.pdf

El Deana's Custom Essentials Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1 - An issue with great Aromatherapy information. This article is packed with great info for those new to aromatherapy, and those who seek a natural approach to healthcare.  http://peace-love.massagetherapy.com/files/CustomEssentials1_1.pdf


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